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Dear Members,

Unfortunately, 2018 marked the end of a 70 year run for the Colorado Springs Art Guild. We, the board and I, have worked so hard to build up the organization that two years ago was handed to me with 19 members. We built it into a membership of 140 give or take, brought you fun, informative, creative ways to look at the Arts in a positive, entertaining way and a variety of venues to hang your art, some fees, some free.

However, sadly, participation still waned and no one was interested in taking the reigns and driving it to the next level. Many calls for volunteers went unanswered. Many calls for new board members went unanswered. The current board members have served in so many positions that brought you the events, the FaceBook page, the newsletters, our website, the multiple emails, the bookwork, the tax preparation. I could go on and on. But eventually life takes over for all of us and we get tired of the missed family dinners, the long board meetings, the effort of hanging the art, making connections, and like today, spending a sunny Sunday afternoon sending you this sad news.

The board voted at the final meeting to dissolve the organization since we had not received any response to our request for new board members. We all agreed we were not running again hence the organization could not continue.

The accounts have been closed and the funds donated to the Wounded Warrior Program. Final filings with the state and federal agencies have been made. The Facebook page will no longer exist and the final days of the website are numbered.

I can only say thank you to Chad Keith, Pat Lockhart, Joel Sundquist, Kathy Jackson, and Diana Cordaro for working with me the last two years and the many years before under the previous presidents.

Carol Losinski Naylor
President, Colorado Springs Art Guild



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