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EVENTS for Colorado Springs Art Guild

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  Jan 31, 2017
Teri A. Brown
(Photoshop Compositions)

Feb 28,2017
Laura Reilly (Juror tells all)
Improv Colorado

March 28, 2017
Deb Komitor (Painting on Black)
Jeff Knight (The Wine Gallery)
     -  The Wine Gallery and Jeff Knight will be having a food and wine demo. He will share the basics of pairing wine with your favorite foods

April 25, 2017
Sherrie York (Inside Out and Backwards)  

  -  What if every mark you made appeared reversed in your final image? What if you had to rely entirely on negative shapes to create a positive image? You’d be a linocut printmaker, that’s what! Challenge your brain to an exercise in inside-out-and-backwards thinking and see what “pressing” discoveries you can make about a medium that ranges from simple to sublime.
Colorado Springs Conservatory 
     -  Will have students and/or instructors perform.

May  30, 2017
Raquel Baiza (Alcohol Ink Study)

Raquel Baiza 113 gallery member and alcohol ink artist. Studied at Wilson School of Art and practiced watercolor for over 20yrs. Her love of art leads her to practice other mediums. She will discuss her inspiration and technique with alcohol ink on tile. We will have samples to allow patrons to experiment with the medium and applications.
Fran Pilch USAFA Professor brings us (Academy Award nominee Documentary (Joe's Violin) https://csphilharmonic.org/
     -  USAFA professor, and named one of the U.S. Professors of the Year by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in 2010. Master's and Doctorate degrees in international relations from Yale University. She is also a musician and on the board of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

June 27, 2017
Chad Keith  (
Kitchen Essentials)
Learn the must haves, and must knows of working in your home kitchen. Practice a few basic skills to make cooking at home safer and easier.


Tom Grossman  (The Art of Airbrush http://www.hummingline.com/ and http://www.tagteamhobbies.com/toms.html     
Accomplished airbrush instructor and Hummingline Gallery Partner will share his artistry of 25 years.    Pull the trigger of an Iwata airbrush and blast shots of creativity.

July 25, 2017
ICE CREAM SOCIAL / BAND / and more to come. . .

August 29, 2017
Pens and Needles Custom Tattoo

An artist or two will discuss history and techniques of this century old body art and a demo will be given. Anyone want to volunteer?
Stargazers Theatre
Enjoy a live performance and get tongue-tied in actors’ show preparation techniques.

Sept 26, 2017
Sheary Clough Suiter
Encaustic artist and Bemis instructor Sheary Clough Suiter will demonstrate an array of painting with encaustic techniques, including creating a smooth versus textured surface, collage, stenciling, sculpting and scraping, mark-making, direct and indirect transfers, as well as mixed media possibilities combining
encaustic with oil pastel and oil paint."

Rocky Mountain Insight - Meditation http://rockymountaininsight.org/ Learn about the art of meditation, it's importance and the effects it has on our mind, body and souls. Breathe, relax, and enjoy your state of mindfulness.

Oct  30, 2017 (On a Monday, not a Tuesday)
Pumpkin carving contest
(please bring already carved)
and more to come. . .


2017 Members’ Exhibition - Click here for more information.


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