Chad Keith
My drawings are interpretations of what I see and feel. I use layers to create realistic pets, portraits, landscapes and architecture. I include repetitive and abstract elements as symbolism and offer different perspectives and texture. I try to bring the viewer the emotion, thoughts, and tranquility of the subject. Visit my website at:

(2015) Pencil, 16x20
"Bourbon Street Performance"

(2016) Pencil, 16x20
"Buttercup and Her Horse"

(2013) Pencil, 16x20

(2014) Pencil, 11x14

(2014) Pencil, 16x20

(2015) Pencil, 9x13
"Heavenly Love"

(2013) Pencil, 11x14

(2015) Pencil, 8x10

(2016) Pencil, 10x14
"Mama and Foal"

(2015) Pencil, 14x20
"One Hundred Dollars"

(2014) Pencil, 11x14
"Sown Spirit"

(2014) Pencil, 16x20