car buying
By - Antonio Hicks

Debt-Free Car Buying: No Consumer Credit, Personal, or Car Loan

With debt at an all-time high and jobs at an all-time low, it only makes sense to “not” go into debt. Life does not cooperate with that very often, however. When you need another car you need one. Of course, you can always apply for a payday loan online with same day deposit from or from a similar website. But in this article, I’m going to share with you three proven ways to buy a car without going one cent into debt.

1. Car trading

This is a very energetic way to achieve a goal of getting yourself a different vehicle, maybe not a new one but one you need. Anyone can do this, however.

You must be willing to scour the want ads, and free ads for people wanting a vehicle that you have. Then you find out if they have a vehicle they would trade for it. You can come out quite far ahead in value by doing this.

Let’s say your purpose is to get say a Jeep instead of the luxury car you own for the manly adventures in the outback, you can probably find someone willing to make a complete swap with you. If the value is off a bit, you may haggle for other items thrown in, or a bit of cash to make up the difference. Another great idea to make up some difference in value is to have the one getting the better deal pay for the transfer of title, and pay for the first set of tags.

If you are wanting a Luxury car, and find someone wanting that old truck in your backyard, they may be willing to trade with you just as I described above.

You can also trade incrementally, working your way up to that Porsche you wish to drive. Look around and see what you own that you can swap for something hopefully more valuable someone else wants. Several trades later you could get that expensive car you wish to own.

You can also join groups that primarily deal in only trading of services, and products for services.

This has been done many times over in my family and with great success. My father in law was so successful at this type of trading that he never once went into debt, his whole life. I’m glad he taught what he knew as this is a fantastic means of debt-free car buying.

*Tip: to speed things up, list items you wish to trade in the newspaper as well, and online.

2. Buckle down and save…but how?

Depending on your tax bracket, you can help yourself save up for a new or used car by having your employer take more off the top for taxes. Then go one step further, and have an allotted amount sent directly to a savings account. Make this account totally separate from your checking so you don’t find yourself tempted to dip into it.

This can be done, but it is difficult. It takes gumption to stick to this type of tight living. For most people, this would be a stretch on its own, but you add changing your spending habits to that and it can be managed.

Before you ditch this idea, just remember, you want a new or used car, and you want to be free of debt. Do what you have to do to psyche yourself. Post a picture of that car you want. Write the words freedom, and put them somewhere you go often like the restroom. This may sound crazy but it works, and after a while, the new thinking and habits of living frugally will have kicked in full gear, and you will not need these reminders anymore.

By tax time next year, there you sit with enough cash in your accounts to go buy a car. If you want an expensive new car, it may take a few years to save up but you can do it.

3. My favorite! Inherit enough cash to buy a car

This is my favorite way to get a car without going into debt. I had an Uncle give me a couple of thousand dollars many years back, and my husband and I went and bought a used car with it. It felt so good to pay in full with cash. It was a very nice like-new used car.

Obviously, you cannot buy a like-new, used car nowadays for $2000, and not everyone is fortunate enough to inherit, but I had to mention this as a tribute to a wonderful Great Grandfather who took his responsibility as such, to heart.

He divided his meager wealth amongst not only his kids but he took care of everyone, including me, his great-grandchild. I thank him for his present which truly blessed my family in a desperate time of need, as our car was worn out, and we desperately needed another ride.

So if you don’t inherit but can be a blessing to your family, and distant family, by all means, do so. You never know how much it may mean to them. They may be like I was, in a desperate situation of need.


I hope these proven ways to buy a car, and stay out of debt, inspire you to give it all you got. It is worth it to not be in debt. Who needs to worry about consumer credit, personal finance or a car loan. When you think you cannot do it, just remember, someone else did it, and you can too!